Who is the Holy Spirit?

While many Christians know about the work of the Holy Spirit, most of us know the Spirit himself as an anonymous, faceless aspect of the Trinity rather than a person. This class will explore the story and personality of the Holy Spirit throughout the Bible, including the role of the Spirit in the Old and New Testaments, what the Spirit does today in the church, and the eternal relationship between the Father and the Son to the Spirit. The goal of the class is to teach learners how to get to know the Holy Spirit as our helper, comforter, counselor and friend.

After you complete this class, you can expect to learn:

How the Holy Spirit plays a crucial role in the creation of the universe
How the Spirit’s actions are similar/different between the Old and New Testaments
Why Jesus sends the Spirit to the church after his death and resurrection
What the Holy Spirit does now in the church to empower and renew believers

Lesson 1: Creator

Key Question: What was the Spirit’s role in creating the universe?

Lesson 2: Presence

Key Question: How did the Spirit appear in the Old Testament?

Lesson 3: Helper

Key Question: Why did Jesus send the Spirit to his disciples?

Lessons 4 & 5: Power & Recreator

(Due to inclement weather, we combined lessons 4 and 5.)

Key Questions: How did the Spirit appear in the early church, how is the Spirit at work in the life of a Christian, and what is the result?

Questions about this class?