How can we learn to pray?

Christians believe that prayer is important for a deep relationship with God, but few receive guidance on how to pray. This class will discuss the purpose of prayer in the Christian life by exploring what the Bible says about prayer, how to pray specific types of prayer for certain situations, and how to establish a regular practice of prayer. The goal of the class is to provide learners with a practical understanding of prayer and the skills to incorporate it into daily life.

After you complete this class, you can expect to understand and be able to practice:

The biblical and theological foundations of prayer
How prayer relates to discipleship and spiritual formation as a whole
Different types of prayer across Christian traditions
How to establish a regular practice of prayer

Lesson 1: Prayer & Real Life

Lesson 2: A Biblical Overview of Prayer

Lesson 3: Prayer & Discipleship

Lesson 4: Types of Prayer

Lesson 5: Practices of Prayer

Lesson 6: Praying Together

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