Rock Hill Institute

Our goal is to encourage lifelong learning that forms deep disciples through learning spaces that make the Bible, theology, and the Christian life accessible to everyone.

The Bible describes a disciple as an apprentice, someone who is learning how to live for and like Jesus. Rock Hill Institute is a space for this kind of learning, a holistic approach to discipleship that gives men and women the opportunity to grow in their love for God and his mission.

Every year, we offer three core classes, each of which focuses on teaching one area of discipleship: Christian Story, Christian Belief, and Christian Formation. We also offer a variety of Bible studies, 2-3 week elective classes, and one-time seminars.

Three Pillars of Rock Hill Institute

Christian Story

One of the most fundamental claims in Christianity is that God has made himself known in the Bible. Christian Story classes focus on how to study the Scriptures and see the unified story, the story about who God is and what he has done in the person and work of Jesus Christ.

Christian Belief

All Christian belief and theology is rooted in what is revealed in the Scriptures. Christian Belief classes focus on teaching and articulating the doctrines of the Christian faith in order to learn how right doctrine is foundational not just for thinking rightly but for living as a disciple of Jesus.

Christian Formation

Story and Belief must shape and form us into the kind of people who live according to the way of Jesus Christ. Christian Formation classes focus on the practical ways that we can become worshipers, family, servants, witnesses, prayers, and learners who are fluent in the gospel.

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