Rock Hill Institute

Our goal is to form deep disciples through lifelong learning spaces that make the Bible, theology, and the Christian life accessible to all.

The Bible describes a disciple as an apprentice, someone who is learning how to live for and like Jesus. Rock Hill Institute is a space for this kind of learning, a holistic approach to discipleship that gives men and women the opportunity to grow in their love for God and his mission.

Three Pillars of Rock Hill Institute

Christian Story

The God of the Bible has made himself known through a beautiful and complex story. We want to teach you how to study the Scriptures and see the unified narrative, the story about who God is and what he has done in the person and work of Jesus.

Christian Belief

Theology is rooted in what is revealed in the Bible, and it is relevant for daily life. We want to teach the historic doctrines of our faith so that we can see how sound doctrine is foundational not just for thinking rightly but for living as a disciple of Jesus.

Christian Formation

Story and Belief must shape and form us into people who live according to the way of Jesus. We want to teach the practical ways that we can become worshipers, family, servants, witnesses, prayers, and learners who are fluent in the gospel.

Register Now for 2023-24 Core Classes!

This year, our core classes will focus on the person and work of the Holy Spirit, who glorifies Jesus by changing and empowering us for Christ-like living and service.

May these classes teach you to love the third person of the Trinity!

Fruit & Gifts (Fall 2023)

How does the Holy Spirit work today?

The goal of the class is to teach learners how to experience the power of the Holy Spirit so that we can live a fruitful and naturally supernatural life.

Inspiration (Winter 2024)

How did we get the Bible?

The goal of the class is to teach learners how God has spoken to us through the Bible so that we can believe all that it teaches, obey all it requires, and trust all that it promises.

Helper (Spring 2024)

Who is the Holy Spirit?

The goal of the class is to teach learners how to get to know the Holy Spirit as our helper, comforter, counselor and friend.


What sort of learning opportunities does Rock Hill Institute offer?

Every year, we offer three core classes, each of which focuses on teaching one area of discipleship: Christian Story, Christian Belief, and Christian Formation. These core classes are 6 weeks long, with one class offered in the fall (Oct-Nov), the spring (Feb-Mar), and the summer (Jun-Jul).

Throughout the year, we also offer Bible studies, 2-3 week elective classes, and one-time seminars.

What is the difference between a core class, an elective class, and a seminar?

A core class is six weeks long and is built around three fundamental aspects of Christian discipleship: Christian Story, Christian Belief, and Christian Formation. We believe that these topics are important for every Christian to learn, and we aim to make every core class applicable to everyone regardless of life stage, background, etc.

An elective class is a shorter class (2-3) with a more casual format and a more specific topic (e.g. parenting).

A seminar is a one-time event that usually lasts 1.5-3 hours long and covers a single topic in one session.

Should I choose between taking a core class or joining a City Group?

We believe that City Groups are one of the most important ways that members of our church can find community, care for one another, and live on mission. If you’re looking to grow as a Christian at Rock Hill, we recommend that you start by joining a City Group.

Lifelong learning is best done in community, so all of our City Groups choose one core class to take together each year. During those six weeks, they pause their regular rhythms to learn and grow together.

Do you have to be a member of Rock Hill to take a class or seminar?

Rock Hill Institute is primarily for the formation of our members, but membership is not a requirement. Anyone is welcome to come and learn!

Are classes and seminars offered online?
How do I register for Rock Hill Institute classes and seminars?

You can register by clicking on any of the upcoming classes above (most of our classes are free).

If you have any questions, let us know through the contact link below.

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