Why Become a Member of Rock Hill?

Membership is a two-way commitment with the other members of Rock Hill: you commit to serve, submit to, and partner with other members of the church, and the church commits to love, support, and help you on your lifelong journey as a disciple of Jesus. It's a way of declaring, "These are my people, my family, and my partners in the work of the gospel."

How Do I Become A Member?

1. Start with Pizza with the Pastors

Pizza with the Pastors is a casual, 45-minute lunch that is hosted on the first Sunday of every month. It is a great starting point for learning how to get connected at Rock Hill. You’ll have a chance to meet a couple of our pastors, hear more about our story and ask any questions you may have while enjoying pizza on us!

2. Watch Our Statement of Faith Videos

Pastor Kyle taught through our Statement of Faith in 10 short videos (6-12 min each). Watching these videos will give you a better idea of what we believe.

Watch Statement of Faith Videos

3. Attend the Foundations Class

Foundations is offered once a month (usually the last Sunday of the month) and serves as our membership class. The class usually lasts around two hours.¬† Here’s a glance at some of the things we cover:

  • Our¬†theological distinctives
  • The 6 core identities of disciple of Jesus
  • What it means to believe the gospel and live on Jesus’ mission in community
  • How to find a place to serve and use your gifts
  • Our membership covenant and the expectations of being a Rock Hill member

Sign up for the Foundations class.

4. Read the Member Commitments

We ask all of our members to affirm and agree to our Member Commitments, which summarizes the Christian life through 6 Core Identities. Our intention isn’t to ask our members to do anything that Jesus hasn’t already asked them to do. In other words, the Member Commitments are meant to give you a clear understanding of the expectations and goals for a maturing disciple of Jesus.

Read the Member Commitments.

5. Chat with a Pastor

Before someone becomes a member, our pastors like to take folks out for coffee or a meal to hear more of your story, answer any lingering questions you might have, and officially welcome you into the church. You can even choose the place to meet! (We love Duluth Grill as much as anyone.)

Email one of our pastors.

Child Dedications for Members

Being a spiritual family means welcoming and celebrating new members of your family!

Questions about membership?