Our Story

Rock Hill Community Church launched public worship services on December 8, 2007.

While that day stands as an official marker, Rock Hill had been a dream for many years. A dream strong enough to draw Kyle and Liz Eaton up to Duluth from the Twin Cities. A dream strong enough that Anchor Point Community Church agreed to welcome them, support them, and send them out with some of their people and blessing.

What was the dream? That we would be a church that sees the gospel of Jesus Christ take root in Duluth and the entire Twin Ports region. That we would be a church where people would find salvation in Jesus Christ and be built up to maturity in Christ. That we would be a church that develops leaders effectively for serving and multiplying. That we would be a church that continues to plant other churches.

In December 2007, Rock Hill was born. We met for 9 months on Saturday nights at Eastridge Community Church on Arrowhead Road. When God stirred the hearts of our leaders to reach out more effectively to the poor in our community, we moved downtown to the historic First Presbyterian Church and gathered on Sunday nights. It served as a great home for our little church for almost two years.

In early 2010, we concluded that while our evening service was helpful in reaching people who couldn’t go to church in the mornings, it was a significant barrier to reaching most Duluthians who just assumed that church would be on Sunday morning. In March 2010, the Lord provided our current location in Lincoln Park at an incredible price, and we’ve been here ever since.

Yet we long to see churches planted all over the city and region. Even though we are in Lincoln Park and love our neighbors, God has given us a heart for the entire Twin Ports area. In March 2018, we opened up our Chester Park location in order to reach college students more effectively,  Chester Park is now the home to many college students, young adults, and older families. In 2023, we opened a location in Superior to minister to those on the Wisconsin side of Lake Superior.

The Lord has been incredibly faithful to Rock Hill over the years. We have witnessed the transformation of so many lives and families, and we know that the Lord is faithful today and will be faithful tomorrow!

Join our Church

We would love for you to join what God is doing at Rock Hill! Some of you may join our church for a lifetime, but we believe that God will call many others to be sent through us to bless the city, the region, and the world.